Crawling Blue

My short story foray into the realm of magical realism was included in the inaugural (2016) issue of The Crawl Space Journal. You can read the story here.

The Shakespeare Audition

My chapter "Finding Your Match" is featured in The Shakespeare Audition: How to Get Over Your Fear, Find the Right Piece, and Have a Great Audition (Applause Acting Series, 2015) by Laura Wayth.

Young actors will find the guide helpful in preparing their audition pieces, and they can use my chapter in particular to view a chart of every available Shakespeare character/monologue.

Click here to purchase the book.

We were also interviewed by Niva Grant of NPR for a podcast through the Folger Shakespeare Library. Listen here.

Hey! Who Barded in Here?!

I was delighted to have my work on Shakespeare and the senses highlighted in Teaching Shakespeare Magazine 7 (February 2015). (Download the article)

A Little Princess

This imaginative large-cast stage adaptation of the beloved childrens classic has enjoyed six youth productions thus far:

Yongsan International School of Seoul (November, 2011)
STARS Drama (September, 2013)
Actor's Youth Theatre (November, 2013)
Bordentown Theatre (December 2014)
Fruits of the Spirit Academy (May 2015)
Mosaic Children's Theatre (November 2015)
Shine Performing Arts (2017)

It is available as an e-script through For performance rights write to

A Little Princess

"I just read your Little Princess script to my students and they LOVED it and want to perform it. It was the best well written play that follows the book and movie and we have read at least five other Little Princess scripts in class. I had even bought Little Princess scripts from another company to start blocking and the more the students read it the more they hated it. They are sticklers for following the book/movie as close as possible...Thank you for letting us perform this version of Little Princess. It is the best version out there!" (Kimberly Knight, Mosaic Children's Theater)

"The Potato and the Pomegranate"

In 2014 the Ethiopian branch of the Peace Corps commissioned a collection of childrens literature that included local traditions and Ethiopian names. It was published in-country as a four-book set, Eager for English. What a fulfilling project!

The Potator ant the Pomegranate