Coventant Players Drama Company
Directing/Performance Repertoire: Stephanie Ann Foster
(*indicates that I also directed this play or skit at some point in my four years of service)
No Entry for Me Magdalena (Winner of the Star Award)
Some Expansions, Please Kathy
Manna Manana Tess Boylston
Mandy Jane* (Director)
The Heaviest Manna in Town Tess Euston
The Play's the Thing Rossi Blakesford
The Last Day of the Mustang Saloon Mary Sue Moore
On the Mountain Top Shelley Ann Corey
I Stretch My Hand* Jemmie (Winner of the Small Oscar Award)
The Report of Juna Steen Juna Steen
Foolish Talk* (Director)
How Far You Going? Bob
And Great is the Fall of It Josie
Anybody Know the Way?* Lee/Grant
The Best Laid Plans* Jill
The Bottom Line Bert
Call the Rolls Registrar
Cents of Value* Clerk/Judge
The Culmination Cathy
DIED: Oct 20th* Angel/Devil/Peter
Don't Tell Me What I Don't Want to Hear Roscoe
Eye for a Eye Lisa
Guns and Shadows Mary Sue
I Could Not Love Thee So Much* Christie
I Want the Brass Ring Hester Goodley/Lacey Burgess
The Light of the World* Deborah
No Cross for Me* Janet/Marsha
No Greater Love* Caroline Johnson
Peter and His Wife Ruth
Romance Invades Buckingham Palace Grace
The Tea Party* Shawma
Tickets on Call Rossi Blakesford
A Time for Seeding Sheila
Transit Gloria* Registrar
The Triumph of Love* Becky Constable
The Visitation* Davis/Simpson
The Widow's Might Azaiah
Doomsday Meggie
The Dream World* Lee
The Hope and the Answer* Gerald/Jane
I Have Faith, But...* Hans/Violet/Cal
Let's Pretend Princess Anne
No Age Limit* Billie/George
The Real Test Narama
Those Little Words* Janet
To The Last Final Atom* Morningside
Tough Old Lady* (Director)
The Key* (Director)
Watch That Kid! Ace
Advice From a Child Thomas Acton/Estelle
And if the Shoe Doesn't Fit* Carole
At the Bottom of the Rubble* Nancy
A Child Shall Lead Them Nancy/Betty/Mr. Hicks
If We Can Only Get the Partition Down* Starboard
Katherine Lee Bates* Katherine Lee Bates
Pssssst, Buddy! Hugh
Action Beyond Reason* Harna
Asking and Thanks* John
The Bag Lady* Annie
My Son—the King Mary
As You Sow The Registrar
The Changeover* Esther
The Adventurer Bill
A Bone to Pick Whee
Galaxy* David/Tom/Shari
Geoff—My Neighbor Gracie
He Insists* Spence/Peter
How Far You Going? Bob
How'd I Get Here? A
The Line Call* Reddy/Vaig
Long Hard Walk* Green/Brown
Name of the Game* Tom/Ira
Oh, Well, That's Different* Inquirer
One Extra Mile, Period RG/CJ
One More Time* 2nd/1st
Punishment, Punishment* Vicki
Questions and Answers Man
Retreat Martha
Sauce for the Goose* Dad/Tammy
Who Are All the Strangers?* One
Wisdom in the Pews* Gracie
There's a Turkey Here Somewhere Cleo/SB
Tooth by Tooth* SB
Two to Tangle* Cleo
You Look Funny Charlotte
About Diseases Found
From the Peanut Gallery* Mom/Sis/Brother
Forgiveness* Janey/Fluffy/Teacher
Who Are You?* First Speaker/Second Speaker
Turnaround Value* Cicero/Charlotte/Cleo
At the Bridge* Wava/Magda
Who Are All the Strangers? 3/5
Family of Christ Ad Infinitum Lydia
Ballast or Cargo* First Speaker
Lent? Lent What? First Speaker
Speak up Louder Not Fran
Light of the World* Jana
Eenie Meanie Minie* PJ
To Make the Team* Barb Hanks/Coach
Community SB
A Tree is a Tree SB
Off Duty Off Life* First Speaker
Peter Remembers First Speaker
And So It Is First Speaker
I Heart You Cleo
Dead Wrong* Second Speaker
On Giving and Getting Cleo
Awakening* Mother
Apes Live in Trees* Gal/Jerry
A Thief is a Thief* Kenny/Jenny
Deadly Candy Cleo
Don't Make a Habit Cleo
Whenever I Am Needed Charlotte
Follow These Directions First Speaker/Second Speaker